Goal Fest!

Having left the house just before 9.30 and getting home at about 6.30 has made for a long day but man it was so worth it! Despite the best efforts of the rain in the morning and the fact that we got soaked we had a lot of fun and were rewarded with a stunning goal fest by the Portuguese! What a pleasure to see Ronaldo and co at the top of the game and playing for the sheer fun of it. Definitely a memory to treasure.

The fan walk was also brilliant today (again despite the rain) and the vibe in Cape Town was definitely the best yet. We were amazed at how many Portuguese fans there were in town and they were all in party mood which made for a great walk to the stadium. 

The boys coped brilliantly with the day and never once complained about the walking, the noise levels or any of the other aspects which we thought might stress them out. After the third goal went in Eli was creasing up with laughter and excitement each time the Portuguese got the ball and started going forward. Joel was suddenly very eager to get back to school to tell his teacher (who has Portuguese roots) all about the game.

As for us, we're just glad that everything went so well and we all had a great time. So now the shortest day is almost at an end and the sun is on its way south again. Summer, bring it on!

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  1. Brilliant! I am enjoying seeing these games through your eyes! Thanks.


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