No doubt the TV and newspaper pundits have said just about all there is to say on Portugal's fantastic win over N.Korea so I'll not add to them. All I will say is that N.Korea had a reasonable first half and were somewhat unlucky not to be level at half time but that is probably academic in the face of what happened in the 2nd half.

For fear of repeating the post below I'll not say too much here, rather I'll let the pics do the talking, click the link under the last pic for the full album. Suffice to say that we had a great day which was rounded off nicely by Ronaldo et al.

Everything went perfectly from getting a peachy parking spot for free, the fan walk being at its absolute best and Dean getting interviewed by about the game (video not uploaded on their site yet). There were even two empty seats in front of Joel and I so ten minutes into the game Paula and Eli came and sat with us which was great. This really was a once in a lifetime experience and hopefully one the boys will remember for many many years.

Ready for kick off

Portugal's starting 11

Mummy and Eli eight rows behind us but moved 10 mins into the game

Kick off

Portugal's first goal

Eli at half time, resplendent in his Palace shirt

Full time!


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