The Family Of Grace

As is becoming an increasingly regular occurrence, Grace Community Church could not get the Civic Hall to meet for church this morning. Not to be put off by this, we all agreed to meet in the home of one of our members and, as one of our friends commented, you might be able to close the venue down but you can't stop God's church!!

We had an absolutely fantastic time together.The atmosphere was so free and open and everyone felt able to be vulnerable and to share needs etc. The Holy Spirit was given huge freedom to move among us and we experienced an amazingly intimate touch as God ministered amongst us.

It is at times like this that He gently teaches us that being the church is about so much more than a building or having our systems in place etc. etc. It was a wonderful time of family and sharing and ministering together - empowering us to get ready to go out into the broken world in which we live and in which we must shine with the hope that only comes from our God. Thank you Lord!


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