The last two weeks have been pretty much a write-off as far as I'm concerned as two weeks ago I had a bout of flu which by last Monday was over and I was starting to feel much better but then on Tuesday I got hit by something else and was feverish and in pain for most of the week. Thankfully this weekend was much more back to normal! I was really annoyed by this having got through winter with no illness to suddenly get walloped just as the season is changing. Not good!

The rest of the gang have been fine throughout, suffering only the vagaries of a very grumpy dad and husband but they seem to put up with me well.

Winter has decided it wants one last hurrah so for the last week or so it's been raining a lot which also reduces the temp. We are so ready for summer!!! On Saturday we decided not to submit to the rain but rather to venture out to the Nature Reserve and get soaked in it whilst having a bit of fun.
Mission accomplished on both fronts there then.

So we set off to the climbing tree but seemed to get a bit distracted by a discussion on tarantulas. Joel is really taken by them at the moment whilst we were simply horrified to learn that they live right here in our little corner of Africa! We did get very wet so decamped to the café which was a welcome delight with the log fire raging.

Sunday was a great morning in church. We love being with our family at Grace and we had the added delight of Gareth Naude from The Rock in Tableview preaching.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing a bit of tidying bedrooms (less said about that the better) and chilling out which we seem to be pretty good at. At teatime we had a lekker family meal at a local restaurant where Joel had his customary 12 prince prawns and it was all topped off by watching Robin Hood on BBC Entertainment when we got home.

Not a bad weekend! 

Eli's attempt at a family pic

Enjoying a break from the rain


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