Learn To Earn

Yesterday we realised another dream as we were able to take 3 ladies, from the 3 different communities in which we work, to visit a local empowerment project, Learn to Earn. It is based in the largest township outside of Cape Town (around 1 million people!). Their motto is 'a hand up, not a hand out', which we love -that is the only real way to empower people.

They offer courses in sewing, cooking, woodwork, computing, graphic design and admin skills to the unemployed, asking them to contribute 5% towards the cost of the course (ie: approx £20 to £40).

Courses range in length from 1 - 15 weeks and by the end, folk are well skilled and able to offer something to the community. Local employers also know of the good reputation of this project and often approach them asking for CV's. Success rate of finding a job is 75%. Within the courses, because Learn to Earn is a Christian organisation, are elements of personal upliftment, spirituality etc, so the approach is wholistic, which is also great!

Our ladies were 'blown away'! It was so good to see them realising that they could actually enrol onto a course and we could see them starting to dream dreams for the future. So far, all 3 want to enrol on the cookery course (first opening space is next June!) and 1 wants to do the admin skills course as well (starting in April 2011). We are thrilled. The world needs more amazing projects like this one.

The Learn To Earn centre

Enjoying a coffee break in the café


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