Mission Ed' - QRC

Today was a great day as we spent time with Queens Road Church right here in Wimbledon. This was our church family just after Joel was born right up until we left for South Africa in 2004 and we still have many good friends here.

As our mission education visiting goes this was the lowest key visit of all of them and yet one of the best too. We spoke briefly during an interview with Phil Moore about our work in SA and afterwards enjoyed catching up with many great folk.

Afterwards we joined Phil and his family for lunch which was followed by a minced pie and mulled wine get together at his home for church folk so it was another great opportunity to meet people.

For us it was particularly good to see how the church is growing and moving on in God and to enjoy fellowship over coffee after church for over an hour - noone seemed to want to go home!!

The highlight of the afternoon was a big snowball fight in the garden for all the boys. Much laughter was heard! Joel and Eli just loved having two other little boys to play with - as well as the two Dads!!


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