Our life group in Macassar last night was such an encouraging and humbling time.

It was a real privilege to hear testimony after testimony of how God has moved mightily through the year to bring folk to the point of being excited about planting a new church into Macassar early next year. For some of the guys there last night this has been a torrid year, starting with the collapse of the church and the hassles resulting from it. Some have then lost jobs, had to move house a number of times, had family members die, one of our number has lost two brothers this year! Others have had to look after extended family to help out financially in tough times and one family have had a terrible time with drug dealers and all sorts of related nonsense.

Through all of this each of us was able to testify to the goodness and faithfulness of our God and how he's moved throughout the year to bring each of us into a very different place from where 2011 started. Some have new jobs, some have moved jobs closer to home, some have got new homes and others have seen their daily lives transformed through prayer and God's amazing grace.

We floated home last night!

On top of all this I feel so incredibly humbled by this amazing group of folk who are so committed to planting into Macassar and seeing God's kingdom extended and his name glorified.

To be a part of these guys lives is an awesome privilege!


  1. It is always such a privilege to read of your work. You are Christ in the world over there and seemingly very beautifully so. God bless - glad things are going well now, despite prior trials.

  2. So glad to know you guys ..... You've been through the fire this year and he's refining you into something beautiful xx


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