Weekend Stuff

Summer seems to be toying with us at present as the weather has generally been pretty good during the week and then pretty horrid at weekends. Winter is definitely hanging on to the bitter end!

This last week and the weekends either side of it has been a good time for us as we've managed to sort out and rise above a bit of rubbish that was thrown our way and as a consequence find ourselves in a stronger position than before.

Praise God for friends who believe in the best of you!

Dean has particularly enjoyed the last two Sundays as he was invited to preach in Simon's Town last Sunday and at Love and Grace yesterday. It is a real joy to be able to share the Word with folk and an immense privilege too.

Our big news of the week relates to Sunday 27th and whilst we're not posting the news here we would ask that you pray for us but particularly for Dean on that day. It will be a significant step as we move closer to planting a church into Macassar. If you receive our monthly updates you'll know what we're talking about.

To that end we had an excellent time together on Wednesday and the Macassar folk are really excited about the future, especially now that plans are firming up and dates are beginning to be written down in diaries.

Sadly we had to postpone our planned potjie with friends as the weather was truly foul in the morning, however it gives us something to look forward to next weekend.

We decided to go ahead and have a potjie anyway, Joel's disappointment at the thought of not doing it was palpable! Thankfully the afternoon was one of glorious sunshine after the hail storm had cleared.

The potjie was enjoyed by all and excellent practice for this weekend coming.


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