X has to be for X-rays

Not that I'm passionate about these things but we've had our fair share of them done in our eight years in South Africa.

It all begins with chest x-rays for immigration to prove that one is clear of TB, which is a bit of a joke as the Western Cape has one of the world's highest prevalence rates of TB and some medics reckon that everyone living in the Cape carries TB.

Life with two boys in the house also somewhat predictably leads to hospital trips and the inevitable x-ray. Having said that, the biggest injury in our house to date was me smashing my wrist!

One very cool aspect of getting x-rays done here is that it's all digital so you get a CD with the x-rays on to take home. Actually you're supposed to give it to the Dr but they always have the x-ray already uploaded onto their computer so aren't interested in the CD. It's great to get home and play with the disc pretending to be very knowledgeable!

Hopefully we'll not be rushing off for anymore x-rays anytime soon!

This post is part of a series in the Blogging From A To Z Challenge, April 2012.


  1. I would probably get uncomfortable looking at an x-ray of my own body! Still, it's kind of cool, though.

  2. I remember getting shcoked by touching an exposed wire. My friends swore they could see my skeleton.

  3. I have two boys too. I think the girl has had more x-rays though.

  4. looks painful. I posted an x-ray today too. My mom's shoulder after a break and surgery. It's amazing what they can do with hardware.
    Check it out, if you have time. Click my name for access to my blog. Hope you are fully healed!


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