We're delighted to be able to reveal our new home for The Gathering!

This is the Shell garage in Firgrove and the location fits so well with three prophetic words we've held on to over the last year.

Firstly, we had a word about moving out of Macassar High School, we didn't and we were tipped out!

Secondly, we had a word about moving to the outskirts of Macassar. Well Firgrove is most definitely on the outskirts.

Thirdly we had a word about being a bridge between communities. The location of this property is absolutely ideal to help see these words come to fruition.

The garage is on the R102 which is a busy road running parallel to the N2. The location is very visible and whereas some folk (mainly white) would be scared to go into Macassar, going to this garage at Firgrove holds none of that fear.  Also, whilst the garage is in the Firgrove community it's also very easily located for Somerset West, Croydon and all the new estates (like Sitari) currently being built along the R102. We're really excited by the ministry opportunities that this will afford us.

We're planning a Celebration Launch for the 15th of March and we're hoping we'll have a good turnout as we thank our awesome God for his faithfulness and blessing.


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