Baby Saver

On our recent Roadshow trip to Blighty we showed a couple of pictures of the Helderberg Baby Saver but we didn't get a chance to explain exactly what it is or why it's needed in the community.

The Baby Saver is on the side of Choices, a crisis pregnancy counselling service run by the local churches in the Helderberg. The Baby Saver itself is on the side of the building, away from any CCTV or other forms of surveillance, so mothers that need to give their babies away can do so anonymously.

This might offend our Western liberal sensitivities, but here there's a genuine need for this. There have been many stories in our 12 years here of babies being abandoned in bins, rivers, sewers etc. One particularly nasty story was about a baby disposed of in a bin in mid-summer, the poor baby began to cook inside the bin and when it was eventually discovered it was in a horrific state!

Sadly life is quite cheap here, just read the statistics on violent crime, rape and murder to see just how cheap life is. So this is a fantastic ministry offered by the local churches as together we step up to meet a genuine need and provide a service to those mums desperate enough to consider abandoning their babies.

The Baby Saver on the side of Choices


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