Yesterday we had the privilege of attending the Hillsong Leadership Network Open House. We always find these times very inspiring and uplifting. In fact, they're so full and packed that to quote Steve Penny (yesterday's speaker) we just feel the need to "sneak off to our cave" afterwards to digest all that was said.

We really value the input and support we receive from Hillsong, we know some local churches are threatened by them but their fear is baseless. How can anyone be threatened by a church that uses the tagline: "Championing you & your local church"?!?
We really appreciate being allowed in (somehow I always feel I'm going to be busted and someone will realise I shouldn't be there) and soaking up the wisdom on offer.

Steve Penny was funny, provocative and thoughtful in equal measure and he made himself quite vulnerable in the Pastors Q&A session when he spoke a bit about his "theology of failure".  We found him very refreshing!

Two words that struck us were: "You need a word for your war" and "You don't need a big piece of land to dig a deep well"

Hillsong's welcome is second to none

The welcome just goes on...

It was great to start with some worship

Steve Penny speaking in the first session

Steve explaining his Pens

Phil Dooley in the second session

Phil & Steve in a Q&A session for pastors

Apologies for the poor photos!


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