We've just had a 48 hour flying visit from Colin & David from Christians Abroad and have to say it was a great visit! It was pure pleasure to entertain them, to show them what we're busy with in our ministry and to introduce them to The Gathering and some other dear friends, including one or two old friends in Chris Nissen Park.

On Wednesday morning we spent time with Lionel & Rose of Key Ministries (our covering organisation locally) and in the afternoon Colin & David threw themselves in to helping with our Homework Club, assisting some of the kids with their maths. In the evening they got to meet some of our church members at our homegroup meeting where it was good to share a meal over conversation.

On Thursday Colin & David got stuck in peeling and chopping onions and carrots and then washing up as we prepared the soup for later in the day. Afterwards I took them on a tour of the more salubrious parts, beginning with Firgrove, then Macassar and finally Chris Nissen Park where the met my dear old friend Michael.

In the midst of all this activity we also managed a few meals and some really helpful and encouraging conversations. One thing we really appreciated was being asked some tough questions in such a way as to be left feeling encouraged and affirmed. It certainly beats the old days of knowing that what you said would be used to beat you with!

Colin in conversation with Phillion at homegroup

David & Colin with Michael

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  1. It was fabulous to meet Colin and Michael and spend time together Dean and Paula chatting over breakfast. A morning to remember.

    Blessings Rose and Lionel


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