When we started our soup kitchen almost two years ago we received a lot of unhelpful and downright negative advice which I'm happy to say we totally ignored.

One of the more ridiculous bits of advice was that: 'you won't need to open in summer because no one wants soup when it's hot'. Well today was the hottest day of summer so far with the temperature indoors hitting 34°C and yet we served 50 people and our soup was all gone in fifteen minutes.

So clearly there's no need for soup in summer, but I'm really happy to waste my time in such a brilliant way.

We're really grateful too for the link that we've developed with Eli's school who make a massive box of sandwiches each Thursday for our soup kitchen and Homework Club the next day. The school just purchased a lovely big airtight box to store them and today the sandwiches were lekker fresh and went down a storm. Thank you International School of Helderberg!

In other news we got another 1000 cups for the soup kitchen which should keep us going for a little while longer. Thank you LORD!


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