Random Stuff

So here are a few random pics of things that we have been blessed with at The Gathering and things that we have done in the last few days.

Some of this is very random. You have been warned!

Having just passed our second year in our current premises we thought it was time to install a mirror in our bathroom, and having sought a quote from a local glass company (Lens Glass) they blessed us with the mirror for free.

A mirror might not seem like a particularly big deal, but having gone two years without one in the building, and with a few of us having been caught short with unfortunate marks or dirt that a quick glance in a mirror could have sorted out before any embarrassment occurred, we are very grateful for this blessing at The Gathering. Thank you Len & Jenny at Lens Glass!

Whilst on the subject of blessings, Green Shoots have blessed The Gathering with a printer and extra cartridge and we're incredibly grateful for this! Finally we can print stuff at church and not have to worry about cost of doing so much at home. Thank you Green Shoots!

Adding the magic to our soup for The Gathering's weekly soup kitchen. This week we served 45 people with a very tasty carrot & butternut soup.

On the left is a stack of 25 new cups and on the right is our last stack of 25 of our older cups. Both are 250ml and the cups on the left are individually taller than those on the right and yet they stack far more efficiently. (I did warn you that this was some random stuff! 😀)


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