Busy Week Done

Following on from my "Busy Week" post, the jobs that needed doing eventually got done, but this being Africa they just took a little longer than planned, but I'm very happy with how they turned out.

The glass tinting works a dream and offers us a degree of privacy which is essential for our Homework Club, but it doesn't completely shut the outside world out. It was also a fraction of the cost of blinds.

The electrics were sorted and simplified and now the lights all work and I no longer bang my head on the light in the toilet. Small mercies and all that...

We're excited for the week ahead because work on the new partition wall will begin tomorrow and that is one of the last of the major jobs aside from installing a new kitchen. Please pray for that because we don't have any more money so can't buy it.

On Monday we'll install our sign, so we'll also get the existing Coke sign removed.

The outside view after the tinting was applied

The broken window was replaced

Once the new pane was in the place started to look cared for again.

The roller door was installed and improves our security no end.

On Saturday we started the painting which turned out to be a far bigger job because the blue was so vivid we had to paint it white before applying our final coat.

Round two will begin this afternoon as myself, Errol & Phillimon attempt to finish the painting.

I'm really thankful for all their hard work!


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