It's nothing on the scale of Trump's ambitions, but it's still exciting and encouraging to see the wall going in in The Gathering's new home. One gets a sense of how much better our meeting space will be and how much space we have for our office, kitchen and kids venue. It will be a little squashed at the back but worth it.

Our meeting space has more than doubled from our previous venue and will comfortably hold at least 40 people. It will also be a flexible space for our Soup Kitchen and Homework Club, but hopefully for various other community outreaches we do over time.

Shawn has worked hard to get the wall in on time

Stephanie and Precious have done a lot of cleaning at The Gathering's old home before we hand it back on Friday

Paula and Leilani used mayonnaise to remove the works of art from the walls. Who knew that mayo was so versatile?!?

Post mayo

With apologies to The Style Council.


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