Last week I met with the landlord of the vacant shop in Firgrove and we shook hands on the lease and this morning we've met with his lawyer and have signed the contract, so from the 1st of July The Gathering has a new home.

Thank you LORD!

We're really excited by this opportunity as we move slap bang into the heart of the community. The opportunities for service and ministry will be far greater and we're believing that this will be a big step forward in The Gathering impacting the community and growing numerically.

Having been at the Firgrove Shell for a little over two years it feels right to be moving, even if it did initially come as a bit of a blow. Thankfully however the disappointment of being given notice to leave lasted all of five minutes before the excitement of new adventures and opportunities took over.  The whole of The Gathering are really excited too and we're believing for good things as we worship in the heart of Firgrove and serve the community.

A wider view of Firgrove CBD. One of our members described the location of our new home as being in the "Firgrove CBD" which made us all chuckle.

We would ask you to continue to stand in prayer with The Gathering as we also pursue the possibility of acquiring this piece of land behind the Shell Garage. We know who owns it, how much they paid for it and what planning permission it has, and we feel this would be a perfect location to have our own building from which we could operate. Please pray that the owner would agree to sell it and that we would have the money to buy it.

Firgrove plot seen from The Gathering's current home


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