We've got the keys and we're in, thank you LORD!

Now a lot of hard work begins before our first Gathering in our new home on the 2nd of July. I've spent about an hour compiling a long list of jobs and now I need to get a timetable together so we have a plan of action to get it all done in time.

Aside from being right in the heart of Firgrove and all that that will mean for The Gathering, the most obvious blessing from the very beginning is that our meeting space has more than doubled and we still have space for the kitchen/office at the back, which will also double up as our kids space on Sundays.

The front of the shop area looking out

The back of the shop space, most of this will be partitioned off

Looking to the front, the current partition will be replaced with a floor to ceiling wall close to the rear, creating a larger gathering space for Sundays, Homework Club etc.

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  1. Looks good. Looking forward to seeing the finished article, as it were.


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