After Dark

The Gathering's Soup Kitchen was another great evening! It's always good to see so many of our regulars and today we welcomed back two who have just been released from prison, they were missed whilst they were away.

We also had a few of the locals who regularly hang around the laundrette and shop most days and it was good to serve them. There are some odd characters in there but having finally ventured in through our door they revealed themselves to be interesting and entertaining characters.

One older lady was very stoney faced and had spent quite a bit of time shouting at some of our regular kids to the point I was feeling a bit wound up by her, but thankfully once we'd overcome the language barrier I realised she was actually teasing them and having a real laugh with them which they also enjoyed.

Our two pots of soup blessed over 50 people and served plenty of seconds and thirds

Firgrove CBD after dark

We've realised that after dark our tinting isn't as effective as we'd hoped!

Once it's dark outside we can't see out but Firgrove can see in. LOL!
Errol & Linda were stars as they helped me clean up, saving me a shed load of work tomorrow.


  1. Another great 'outing' for the soup kitchen. There is obviously a definite need for its offerings.

  2. It really is George and it's a ministry we love.

  3. I like the idea of the Church of Gathering Love ...planted afresh and growing from this seed into New this space.


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