Welcome Home

We put this short video together to show to The Gathering at our Welcome Home Celebration this morning. It's a brief look at the journey from identifying our new home to getting it ready for this morning's Gathering.

Our new home is far from perfect and there are many jobs still to be done but they can wait until we have the finances to sort them. The main thing is we have a permanent home and a physical presence in the community of Firgrove and we're really excited by the opportunities that have already presented themselves and the opportunities still to  come.

Thank you LORD!


  1. I so enjoyed seeing the transformation of the space. It was good to worship along with video and praise God for all that he is doing and will do through the new home. Great adventures ahead. May the Lord continue to bless and encourage you.

  2. Wow , loved this clip showing the transformation of the building. Love the Gatherings new home. Congratulations and blessings ,Lionel and Rose


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