Well Done Lads!

Towards the end of The Gathering's Soup Kitchen on Thursday Jade & Jayden came rushing in with their mum to show us their school reports for the end of Term 2. They both got 7s for mathematics and a combination of 6s & 7s for everything else (7 is the equivalent of an English A).

They were understandably chuffed with themselves and their mum was over the moon! To think that Jade in particular had been written off by his teachers not so long ago. This makes our Homework Club so totally worth it! We're impacting an entire family who are learning that the church is a safe and fun place to be and in time we hope they'll get to meet Jesus too.

Precious with Jade. Precious is doing a great job of facilitating our Homework club and it's a joy to see how the kids adore her.


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