Boxing Clever

I'm rather pleased with my training schedule over the last two weeks and I'm certainly feeling very good for it, not to mention the amount of weight I've lost. Let's just say that I'm under 15 stone for the first time in many years!

I'm really enjoying my fitness journey and am having more fun than I could have hoped for and have a set of coaches who are so ready and willing to offer instruction, advice and help, they really do make my gym experience a class above any gym I've ever experienced before.

I have to say that the boxing is a lot more fun than the cycling ever was, it takes a lot less time and the results so far have been way better than I ever achieved cycling, so it's all good. I also don't run the risk of having to negotiate traffic and am not going to get robbed whilst boxing. In fact, that wouldn't go down quite as smoothly should it happen again. 😂😂😂

To keep a track on my progress I'm using the Polar OH1 Heart Rate Monitor, it's a simple bit of kit but works incredibly well, especially for boxing where wearing a wrist based unit would be highly impractical.

I've been a fan of Polar HRMs for a long time now and my loyalty to their superb products was sealed when I attended one of their training seminars whilst I was training for the Cape Epic, and then during the Cape Epic in 2009 when I was struggling, they downloaded all my data, analysed it and rescued my race by advising me on where I was going wrong. The guys from Polar were quite simply amazing!


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