Food Hampers

This morning we had the privilege of delivering seventeen food hampers (in the form of grocery gift cards) to some of the neediest families in Firgrove.

We got fed up with waiting for govt to come through with their food parcels and decided to get the ball rolling ourselves.

So it was pure joy to be able to bless each of these families on behalf of The Gathering and our friends who so generously contributed, both locally and in Blighty.  This was a drop in the ocean, but as they say; oceans are made up of drops.

The reaction was the same each time; one of deep gratitude and a hurry to get changed to get to the shops. We were particularly moved by the mums who just want to buy milk/nappies/food for their young ones. It was great to bless 2 of our elderly soup kitchen goers - each one telling us how much they are missing their weekly soup!

Tiffany & Megan, part of The Gathering's Homework Club

Melissa is a regular at Gathering Ground and our Soup Kitchen

We attempted to deliver in Macassar but turned away when we saw the rioting

The police were blocking the road to try and contain the riots


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