One of my passions in church and mission is working in partnership with other churches and NPOs, and one church we've known, loved and worked with for quite a while now is Father's House over in Simon's Town, led by our dear friend Shaddie.

Before the lockdown they had stopped meeting as a church on Sundays in the regular sense and were reaching out to the homeless on Saturday afternoons. They truly are being the hands & feet of Jesus in the community. Once lockdown started the homeless were rounded up (that's a rant for another day!) so they refocused their efforts on the informal settlements in an area called Redhill in the mountains above the town.

They now have a separate NPO called My Father's House and together with some other local community groups are feeding almost 4000 children everyday.

Last week during a conversation, Shaddie asked if we needed any food and offered us 18 boxes of ready meals in sachets, so yesterday I drove through to Cape Town to pick up the boxes containing 2700 instant meals in sachets.

What a blessing!

What's even better is that some of The Gathering's members are already distributing the meals to some of the most vulnerable in the community.  That truly is a blessing!

Each sachet is eeZeePaste Nut flavour and is a 'Ready-to-use Therapeutic Food' (RUTF) packet containing a nutritious meal with 500 kcal value, so more than enough for a solid meal.

My little car ready to be loaded with blessings

They all squeezed in!

15 of the boxes are at The Gathering, the other 3 are in our garage so we can give some away locally in Chris Nissen and Broadlands


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