During lockdown I've written four posts so far about books, which would suggest books are quite important in our house. Three of those posts were on the theme of 10 Books I Have Loved and the other post was about Lockdown Reading, looking at the books I have read in the first few weeks of lockdown. I will post Part 2 of that soon.

Books I Have Loved Part 1 was about fiction books I have really enjoyed, Part 2 was about non-fiction books I have enjoyed and Part 3 was about Christian books which I have also enjoyed.

This got me to thinking about the most important book in our collection which has to be the Bible by quite some way. The photo above shows most of our Bibles but there are some others scattered around the house and one or two back at my office in The Gathering's premises. This also doesn't include the online and electronic versions which are incredibly useful.

It's useful to keep most of them together in one place, especially for sermon prep etc, and it's a real blessing to glance up from the computer screen every now and then and see so many of them sat there.  But I'm even happier with the thought that they don't just sit there as decoration, but rather they get used on a regular basis, or at lease most of them do, the Swahili Bible is of limited value these days.

I know compared to some of my pastor friends this is a tiny collection, but regardless, you can't have too many Bibles to hand.


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