Having written several other posts about things I love and am passionate about, here goes one on my love of juggling and why I've never stopped since a mate taught me to juggle in 1990. 

This post really came about as a result of all the admin and tidying up I've been doing on the blog lately. As I was going through stuff I was surprised to discover that I have only actually posted on Juggling once previously in the 16 years this blog has been going, which is quite amazing given that it's something I really enjoy and never really stop doing.

Maybe that's why I don't often think about it because it's a sub-conscious thing that I just do.

Whether it's my Beard juggling balls which live on a bookcase in the lounge, always ready to hand, or three oranges from the fruit bowl, I like to have a quick juggle most days.

I also keep three juggling clubs amongst the other detritus in the back of my car, and when opportunity allows I'll juggle them for a while.

Juggling is so easy to learn and takes no time at all to get the very basics, and it can be quite therapeutic. It also opens you up to a whole new community of people you might not ordinarily get to know, and for me this has been one of the fun sides of juggling. I've even been to a couple of juggling conventions in my time and they were both brilliant.

Juggling is also a great conversation starter ranging from people who are interested in how you do it through to unexpected encounters with fellow jugglers who are always ready and willing to swap a few tricks and stories.

So there it is, I love to juggle and I can't see that I will ever stop it so long as I have breath and two hands.

Here's something that spans two things I love...
Having posted several times about books recently it would be remiss of me not to mention the only book on juggling you will ever need.

Dave Finnigan is a juggling legend and his book makes it very easy, from learning the basics to mastering some of the tougher stuff.

Whilst I've only specifically posted on juggling once before in 2012, here are a few other posts in which I may have been juggling...

J Is For Juggling My previous juggling post from 1012
Emyezweni Christmas Party '08
Emyezweni Christmas Party '07
Emyezweni Christmas Party '06
I had a lot of fun juggling for the kids at a local crèche for a few Christmases back in the day, and there are some great photos in those old posts.

Maybe next I'll do a post about my love of the  diabolo, a great piece of juggling kit.

Clubs on the floor of my car

An old pic of me juggling fire back in 1996, the year I also got my first unicycle 😀

My juggling bag which sadly spends most of its life neglected in a cupboard, such a travesty!

It really is a bag of untold goodies


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