Joel and I are super thrilled to finally have a 45kg punchbag installed in the garage. We've been after one since just before the lockdown began and on the last day of freedom before it started the local sports shop was stripped bare of all but the most basic of equipment, so we had to make do with our old 12kg bag which just didn't cut it.

With the new punchbag in pride of place, the old punchbag has been moved and raised so that it can be used as an uppercut bag. So with the two punchbags and the speedball we can certainly put some decent sessions together when we need to, which began with a great one this morning!

For the first time since our boxing gym shut for the lockdown, we both felt we were finally able to put in a decent workout.

It was also good to be able to use the punchbag at the same time, something else the 12kg bag could never allow.

Our old punchbag (left) now being used as an uppercut bag.

Using the speedball and 45kg bag

A "whoops" moment as the hook gave way


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