This morning was a little bit different as I went in to Cape Town to pick up another 12 boxes of emergency food rations. Thank you My Father's House!

These peanut butter sachets are proving very popular with our homeless Soup Kitchen regulars, so it's good to know that we'll be able to continue to bless them for a while yet.

Each sachet weighs just 100g and they are packed with goodness and calories, providing an adult with all the nutrients they need in a single meal.

I also managed to get a replacement piece of perspex for Joel's computer from another firm close to the food pickup.

Joel suffered the same indignity as Eli had last year when his headphone cable got tangled up and as he pulled it his computer case fell over smashing the glass side. Quite why they put glass in there in the first place?!?  So just like Eli's, Joel now has a stronger piece of perspex on the side of his computer which won't break again.

Fitting it was quite straightforward, it just needed four holes drilling in it in the right places and hey presto, it fit like a hand in glove.

The perspex is a little darker than the glass was so the all singing all dancing LEDs aren't quite as visible as they were, but hey, that's the price you pay for breaking it in the first place.

I was also able to take a brief detour via Kandi Records on my way home (which is always a joy!) and picked up these two gems rounding off a great morning.


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