There's a great line in Over The Hedge (the best cartoon film ever) where Vernon tells RJ that miscommunication is something that families do well. I was reminded of this this afternoon when Paula told me I was doing a boxing session for Joel whilst cooking garlic mushrooms. That wasn't the conversation I had with Joel, but hey, I'm only dad/husband so I know when to do what I'm told. LOL!

It does seem that me cooking garlic mushrooms and doing a boxing session go hand in hand on a Monday evening now, but to be honest, I really love it because it means some great time together doing what we love: boxing and eating! I wonder if Rocky ever did them together?!?

Who would have known that from an off the cuff conversation at the end of 2018 in Greyton when I mentioned to family that I was going to start boxing (much to their amusement), that the impact on the entire family would be so dramatic?

But it's all good.


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