It's been a funny odd few days this week as we were gearing up to say farewell to Paula's Dad. Our routines seem to have gone to pot, but in the midst of it all some good stuff has been happening. Joel received confirmation of his place at college next year to study Sound Engineering, we're all super thrilled by this news!

The other great piece of news is that SA entered Level 2 Lockdown.

This now means that the economy is almost totally open again but with strict protocols around social distancing and sanitizing, though for now the international borders remain closed.

However, we can buy wine legally again now and so we had a morning out to pick up two separate orders from local wineries. It's always a joy to drive out to the Stellenbosch wine lands, especially when it involves collecting some beautiful wines. We should be OK for a while now even if the govt do decide to change their mind again. It was also great to see the snow on the mountains from Simonsig's vineyards (above).

I've also spent quite a lot of time breaking up some of the bags of food we received (see: Shower Of Blessings) in to 1kg packets of soya mince, lentils and maize-meal. This has been time consuming and messy but so so worth it.

We are hoping to distribute some food parcels on Monday with these packets and the rest of the food we currently have at The Gathering, which includes tins of soup, jam and some other goodies.

We were given a 50kg bag of Canadian (yip, Canadian!) lentils

100kgs of soya mince was broken down in to 1kg bags

Our recent snow seen on the Hotties from The Gathering

Vriesenhof is fast becoming our favourite local winery.


  1. Bless you guys! God’s Grace continues to rest upon The Gathering! You and Paula are displaying His Mercy and Generosity to a community hungry physically and Spiritually! 👍 well done good and faithful servants of the Most High God!

  2. Thanks Lenora, we really appreciate your encouragements.


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