Food Parcels

It was pure joy to make up another twelve food parcels this morning to distribute to some of the neediest families in and around the community.

Each parcel contained a couple of kilograms of soya mince, lentils, maize meal as well as soup mix, several tins and a few other bits, and we hope and pray they are a real blessing to those that received them

It was great to bless a few Soup Kitchen regulars as well as one of our church members neighbours. All the adults in that household have lost their jobs through the lockdown and they are really struggling now.

We also took some in to Chris Nissen to bless the HOPE ladies and we were moved by Aunty Henna's testimony. Her church is experiencing a few difficulties since the pastor died recently and just last night someone in the church was rude to her and begrudgingly offered her a small packet of food. Aunty Henna was very gracious and told them she believed her God would provide for her needs. So when we rocked up with a food parcel this morning she was over the moon and full of praise for our living God. Hallelujah!

We still have plenty of food to make up some more food parcels in the next few days so we can't wait to get busy with that.


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