We've been planning to get The Gathering open again in Firgrove for a while now and just before SA went in to Lockdown Level 1 we said in faith the we would reopen on Sunday 4 October.

So it was pure joy for that faith to become reality as we Gathered again after almost seven months of being unable to.

Thank you LORD!

As Paula said on Facebook: "There was so much joy in the house! It was really thrilling to be together at last, to hear testimony of what God has been doing and to sing out with all our hearts, something very exciting has been birthed and we are ready to see what God is going to do with His church".

I've spoken a few times during this pandemic about seasons & exile, and this morning I once again revisited this theme and looked at the Israelites as they returned from exile, especially in Ezra 2 as they returned from Babylon, in particular verses 68-70 and their response to God.

As we return from our exile, so we should also give all of ourselves to His Kingdom to see His name lifted high!


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