The Gathering's Soup Kitchen returned to some kind of normality last night as we were finally able to allow folk in to enjoy a cup of soup whilst taking a load off.  A total of eight chose to sit inside and it was clear that they were enjoying being able to be back inside just as much as we were all happy to have them back in again.

I was manning the door with the sanitiser and thermometer and only allowed those inside who were also wearing a mask as we are operating a strict policy of "no mask, no entry" to comply with the health & safety protocols put in place by govt.

For those without a face mask we asked them to wait outside whilst we brought soup to them, and as ever everyone was extremely cooperative of the new changes and respectful of how we are choosing to run things. It really was a blessing!

It was a great evening and we learnt quite a bit so that we can make some positive changes in the coming weeks. For starters, we need to get a perspex shield to go around the soup pan, the improvised cardboard one wasn't really up to the job. We would also love to be able to distribute face masks to those arriving without one, but the cost implication is prohibitive at this time.

Ready for service

All in all it was a great time serving the community together as a church and we're thankful to God for this opportunity to share a tiny part of the love and grace He has poured in to our lives.


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