After the theft of Joel's bicycle we had a further theft in which my bike was nicked along with our gas bottle. Sadly we only noticed a little while after the event when we wanted to boil the kettle during loadshedding.

Thanks to a rather lovely blessing we were able to replace Joel's bike a while ago, but we'd been waiting to replace mine, mainly due to cost.

So what a blessing it was to notice a small bike shop on Long Street in Cape Town selling reasonably priced bikes. To make things even better, the bike shop turns out to be the shop for the small local company that designs and makes Rook Bikes. That's a double win, buying a decent quality new bike and supporting a local business in doing so.

The bike is a single speed (or fixie) Rook One Chromoly with a steel frame and it rides beautifully, so I can't wait to get out and about on it in the coming weeks.

Rook One


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