Preparations for The Gathering's annual Soup Kitchen Christmas Lunch are now at 'full steam ahead' as we put together final bits of printing and making sure that nothing has been left behind in our garage at home. We now have a small army of volunteers to stand with and serve alongside The Gathering's own members and it's all getting quite exciting. 

As we build up to Sunday The Gathering has been blessed in so many ways, but one of the most useful is our brand new foot operated sanitizer dispenser. I've wanted one for church for ages so it's great to finally have one, especially as it will free us up from having to rely on someone to do the sanitizing.

That brings us to our biggest prayer request for this Sunday. We've already reduced numbers by a third down to 80 guests, we're providing each guest with a mask and sanitizer and the event is outdoors, so we're doing all we can to ensure we're compliant with the relevant Covid protocols. However, we would ask you to stand with us in prayer against any infections being a result of this event.

Once again our friend Jen has blessed us with the most amazing table decorations. They're not at their best in the boxes but they are truly stunning and will elevate the lunch to a proper occasion.

Our local Spar have blessed us with 42 2lt bottles of pop (see pic below), so we have more than enough for our 80 guests, and another local supermarket have given us a massive discount on the meat.

Thank you LORD!

We're also thrilled to finally be able to ditch our makeshift cardboard screen as we have been blessed with a nice new shiny clear perspex screen to go in front of our soup pot on Thursdays. This looks a whole lot better and will be far more effective in keeping the soup safe from unwanted coughs & sneezes etc.

We can't wait for Sunday!


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