It was pure joy and a real privilege to spend a few hours with my mate Shaddie this morning serving My Father's House as they prepare the food for their daily feeding programme providing for the most vulnerable members of the Simon's Town community and beyond.

I love what My Father's House are doing and their vision and motivation behind it all, so it's probably a good thing that we don't live any closer because I would invest more of my time in to their vision and work to the detriment of my main focus.

Not content with serving several hundred people everyday, My Father's House are about to take on a service delivery contract with the City of Cape Town to feed several thousand people everyday.

The vision Shaddie has for My Father's House is breathtaking and such a solid testimony to God's awesomeness!

I feel like I did very little to contribute given that the daily tasks they face are so huge, but oceans are made up of drops so it was good to be able to give a little back.

It is always a blessing to be able to give something back and so this morning it was a privilege to be able to bless My Father's House with 120 pairs of brand new flip-flops from The Gathering. We know My Father's House will distribute them amongst those who will benefit the most from them which is a blessing.

The set up they have in Simon's Town is brilliant, the team know what they're doing and just crack on as soon as they arrive and the buzz has to be experienced to be believed. My Father's House have also taken over the coffee shop two doors down and they are serving the most amazing smoothies. Apparently the coffee is OK too.

The shopkeeper in between the kitchen and the coffee shop must be a bit worried about the entire row being taken over. LOL.

As ever, Shaddie never lets me leave My Father's House without loading the car up with food for Firgrove, and this morning The Gathering was blessed with another twenty boxes of the peanut paste sachets that were so popular with our Soup Kitchen regulars.


Thank you LORD!


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