What a contrast two consecutive days can be!

Yesterday afternoon I was left feeling very deflated after once again running in to an unhelpful & unyielding branch of South African bureaucracy.

This morning I was blessed by the joy of borrowing a friends trailer and driving out to Muizenberg to collect 47 boxes of the peanut paste sachets that are so popular amongst our Soup Kitchen regulars.

Having unloaded the boxes at church I was struck by the words of Jesus in Matthew 21:42 when he said "The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; the Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes". These boxes of peanut paste may have been rejected due to the odd leaky sachet, but they are gratefully received by the church, where we will make sure these rejects are put to very good use!

In fact, these 47 boxes will shortly be finding their way to two local primary schools; Macassar Primary where one of our church members is a teacher & Marvin Park Primary where we have established a link through a friend Paula has made through Crossfit.

It's a joy to know that both schools have secure storage facilities to be able to receive these and it's a far greater joy to know that the kids who go to school hungry will be well catered for for the next few weeks.

We also need to thank my mate Shaddie for providing the contact for the pastes and GC Rieber for being so generous in filling our trailer and car with as many boxes as we could squeeze in. Also, I will be going back again tomorrow morning to get another load. 

Thank you LORD!


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