Three years ago today I had the privilege and honour of attending Linda's graduation ceremony. It truly was an honour and a privilege to be invited knowing just how hard she worked for this and how hard life was for the seven years in which she sacrificed so much to pursue the dream God had given her.

Next month I will have the absolute pleasure, privilege, honour and joy of walking Linda down the aisle as she marries Mongezi (a great guy!) and begins a whole new chapter in her journey of faith.

I truly am blessed beyond measure!

Ten years ago God gave Linda a dream of becoming a teacher. At the time she had her own hairdressing salon, and whilst business was OK, her home life was hectic. Clyde, her oldest son was a straight A student who was suddenly struck down with a rare and as yet undiagnosed illness which has caused his brain to shrink whilst significantly impairing his mobility. Terance her youngest son is a bit of a tearaway and a cause of a whole different level of stress. Add in this mix the fact that Linda was living in a Wendy House or Hokkie as it's know locally (which is in essence a large garden shed!) and you begin to realise that life wasn't easy even before she began studying for her degree.

Today Linda is widely recognised as the best teacher at her school by colleagues and parents, and was recently highly commended for her skills and approach to teaching by the inspectors from the Western Cape Education Department.

It truly is an honour and a privilege to know Linda and to have her as part of our church family at The Gathering.


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