That was a morning well spent as I picked up a trailer early before going to get Errol so we could go through to some friends in Gordon's Bay to collect some old furniture and household bits that they no longer need.

Amongst everything, there was a really nice DVD player which I just had to drop off at Michael's in Chris Nissen on the way back to Firgrove. Michael has been asking for a DVD player for ages so it was great to be able to bless him.

The most amazing part of this morning though has to be the washing machine. A couple of weeks ago some friends in Macassar posted on Facebook about how their washing machine had just died. The timing of this was so of God, as Paula was able to hook them up with the one we delivered to them this morning. Needless to say they were thrilled!

We're also very grateful to our friends for thinking of our community as we were able to pass on a cooker, a table, 2 mattresses, the washing machine & DVD player and a comfy armchair.

Thank you LORD!


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