It was a horribly wet and cold evening last night as the latest cold front slammed in to the Cape. Winter might be on its way out but it's not going without a fight.

Given how wet and cold it was, it was even more of a blessing knowing the The Gathering's Soup Kitchen had more than enough to make sure that no one went hungry, and everyone could have as much as they needed.

The 140 litres certainly went a long way and it was one of the few Soup Kitchen's in recent times in which we've not had to turn anyone away because the soup was finished.

Our Soup Kitchen is always a chilled and laid back affair, but everyone seemed to know there was more soup than usual and so our regulars were more than happy to take their time over being served, even if it meant standing out in the wet and cold for a bit longer than usual.

The queue of regulars waiting outside wasn't as big as it has been in recent weeks, no doubt the weather kept a few away, but despite this the soup went down in record time as everyone was very hungry.

Once again it was a joy to be able to load the adults up with some extra food for the weekend, especially the large contingent that are now walking to the Soup Kitchen each week from Macassar with a lot of children in tow.  Our Sitari homeless guys were also very grateful for the extra food.

It's good to know that for the next few days that some of our most vulnerable regulars are well catered for as the current cold front continues to hit the Cape over the weekend.

As our Soup Kitchen grows, so does the quantity of ingredients, and the milk & amasi make for really creamy soup

140 litres well under way

Some of the extra food we gave with the soup. These are ready meals that can be warmed up or eaten as they are


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