Today is our 30th wedding anniversary which traditionally is Pearl. Now I can't afford to give Paula a pearl necklace and she wouldn't want one anyway, but what I can do is share a pearl of wisdom...

Paula has already written the most beautiful post over on Facebook, so there's not a huge amount left for me to say, but if I could offer one tip for longevity in marriage it would be this: keep God at the centre of it!

We have both grown and changed a huge amount over the last 30 years, and if nothing else we both look quite different to how we did back then. However one thing hasn't changed in all the passing years, and that is our shared love of Jesus and our passion for local church. If anything we're stronger and more sold out for these than we've ever been, and I believe that is the secret to our marriage.

I love you with all my heart Paula and utterly adore you and can't wait to keep on celebrating our love for each other and our love for God for all the world to see!


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