Firstly, thank you for all your prayers and kind wishes, they're much appreciated!

So there's good news and there's bad news...

The first bit of good news is that the Muni ride (Mountain Unicycling) on Saturday was a lot of fun with a great crowd of people who were also a massive help in sorting me out once I'd broken my arm.

The main bit of good news is that I broke my arm and not my wrist, and the break was a clean break so it should heal nice and quickly, especially as it is being assisted by a new shiny titanium plate.There's more good news too... the Dr in the Emergency Room admitted me straight away so our basic Hospital Plan health insurance is covering all the costs of my admission and surgery. Phew!

The bad news is that had the original plate not been there, I would most likely have  got off with a slight fracture or even a sprain, but the arm broke right at the bottom of the existing plate (see the red circle).

The other bit of bad news is that the Surgeon had planned to remove the original plate and insert a new longer plate, but apparently he broke a couple of screwdrivers trying to undo it, so he decided to overlap the new plate with the existing one. In itself this shouldn't present any long term problems, but it would have been a lot tidier just having the one plate.

I'll be seeing the Surgeon again in a couple of weeks at which time I'll learn a lot more about future implications of the overlapping plates etc. I'm also hoping and praying that because it was such a clean break my recovery time will be kept to a minimum so I can get back out exercising and riding again. Though my days of Muni are behind me, I'll stick to roads and other paved surfaces from now on.

Here's a brief bit of video of me riding on Saturday before my fall

Part 1 of Wristgate can be seen here.


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