Not For Sale!

"Is your unicycle on Gumtree yet?"

This seems to be a common question amongst those that I've seen since breaking my arm just over a week ago, and the answer is very simple: "No they are not!" (yes I have seven unicycles) and nor will they be until such time as I'm physically unable to ride, and even then I'd be reluctant to get rid of them.

Someone even gave me a small lecture on extreme sports and how they're not of a very healthy mindset, and how at my age I don't need to prove anything anyway.

The thing is, the question and the mini lecture both miss something crucial, which is why I unicycle and why in the last 18 months I've become a lot more intentional in my unicycling, often taking my 36er out for 2+hour rides. 

I neither ride to prove anything, nor do I ride because it's somehow a cool extreme sport. If either of these were true then I might well have sold the unicycles by now, but they're so far off the mark.

My riding got more serious after I herniated the lowest disc in my spine at the start of our first lockdown last year. The disc then collapsed and after an MRI I was given two simple choices by the Orthopedic Surgeon... surgery or intensive core exercises. 

As the surgeon sat before me explaining the choices I had already made my mind up knowing full well there is no other sport in the world that can develop and work the core muscles like unicycling can. And that is why I unicycle so intentionally, and why I got yet another unicycle for my birthday earlier this month.

I'm due to see the surgeon who repaired my arm next week and from then I'll have a clearer idea of recovery time and what I can and can't do exercise wise. Right now I'm really frustrated that I can't go Boxing. I also want an idea from him about how likely I am to break my arm again should I fall in a similar way again (even though I'm not planning on it!).

For now I've decided to experiment with running again, only this time on Eli's treadmill rather than out on the roads. The treadmill is a softer surface and is sprung so the impact on my spine should be minimized. So far I've done two 30 minute runs and I'm feeling great after them, so I'll be carrying on with that until I can unicycle again. This afternoon I'm also going to join a Crossfit class at the gym and have some time with Abrie, the owner who is very used to working with people recovering from injuries, so that will be a blessing.

I'm just determined not to let the injury impact my health and exercise in a negative manner and I am determined not to lose any of my fitness through it.

And NO, my unicycles are NOT for sale!


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