S Is For Spine

S is for Spine

Knowledge is power goes the adage, and the whole point of having an MRI was to gain the knowledge needed to make informed choices for treatment and prayer.

Today we know definitively what is wrong with my back, and now we can make informed decisions about where to go from here.

Firstly though, the good news is that I have no cancers or other unwanted tumors etc lurking in my abdomen, my spine is in good condition with good bone density and good alignment all around. All my internal organs appear sound with nothing untoward going on with any of them, so I'm very happy with that news!

However, there is bad news... it turns out disc L5 (the bottom one) is still there (contrary to what the Chiropractor told me) but it has degenerated badly to the point of collapse, or as the surgeon described it: 'squashed like a flat tire'.

Sadly the disc can't just be pumped up like a tire and so we now have to face the reality of a degenerating disc that will in time lead to lots of pain and restrictions on my mobility. Whilst I'm not in pain yet, the degenerating disc is slightly interfering with the left Sciatic nerve which is why I'm still feeling mild symptoms in my left leg from the original herniation of the disc which is frustrating at times.

In the short term I could have injections to ease any pain (not that I am in any pain yet) but long term the Orthopedic Surgeon is suggesting an Anterior L5 S1 Fusion which sounds rather unpleasant. Apparently this is a procedure in which he would remove the disc and fuse the two bits of spine together with some screws, rods and plates. It's quite invasive and I've heard a few horror stories of it not working so there is much to think about.

In the meantime, we now have as much information as we can so we know exactly what to pray for. If you're of the praying persuasion, please stand with us as we pray for total healing of the disc.

This post is part of a series in the Blogging From A To Z Challenge, April 2021.


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