O is for Outreach

The gathering has been running a Homework club for a few years now and it was an effective programme in terms of assisting local kids with their mathematics and seeing their grades rising across all subjects. Most teachers and educationalists will readily admit that when a pupil is confident in Maths it generally reflects on the rest of their schooling, so it has been great to be helping some of the local kids. It was also an effective piece of outreach in that it allowed us regular contact with their families and we loved serving the community in this way.

Sadly due to the pandemic we had to close our Homework Club and just as we were planning to reopen it we learnt that our facilitator was unable to continue in the role.

This got us thinking and praying about the future, and here we are eight months on impacting not just a few kids in our local primary school, but delivering thousands of meals to six different local primary schools and impacting the well being of thousands of kids.

Now that is a serious piece of outreach.

Thank you LORD!

This post is part of a series in the Blogging From A To Z Challenge, April 2021.


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