Goody Bags

It's a joy to be in the latter stages of getting things together for The Gathering's fourth annual Soup Kitchen Christmas Lunch, though this year it's a Welcome to 2022 Lunch.

The goody bags are shaping up very nicely and we hope they will be a real blessing to each person we serve at the lunch on Sunday 23rd.

Thanks to some incredibly generous donations we're able to go even further this year in blessing our Soup Kitchen regulars, and that is really exciting us even before the lunch itself!

Each goody bag will contain a drink, crisps, biscuits, peanuts & raisins and lots of sweets & lollipops as well as a pen & pencil each. We are also redesigning our *With Love From The Gathering* stickers which we use to seal the good bags, mainly to make them larger for the larger goody bags. What a great problem to have!

Our hope and prayer for each goody bag received is that it speaks of quality and our Father's heart for those he treasures, even if they don't feel that love themselves just yet.

Please stand with us in prayer for this, especially as we begin to give the tickets for the lunch out tonight.


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