One More Sleep

We are very excited right now as all our planning and preparation is complete and we're now just hours away from actually setting up for The Gathering's annual Soup Kitchen Christmas Lunch (which is a Welcome To 2022 lunch this year).

Printing is done, stickers are ready, goody bags have been lovingly decorated by hand and are ready to be stuffed to the top with some delicious sweets . The food is prepped and ready, so now there are just a few last minute jobs to be done as we pull it all together in the morning ready for service at 1pm.

This lunch will be our fourth formal sit-down lunch for our Soup Kitchen regulars and it's such an amazing way to bless them. We can't wait to see their faces and hear their feedback once again about how well they have been treated for the day.

A prayer request for our praying friends...
At the start of the week the weather forecast for tomorrow was clear skies with temps bordering 40°C, since then, as many have joined us in praying, the forecast has been changed to a high of 33°C and overcast. We're thankful to God for this change, but would love it to be a bit cooler, so please stand with us in prayer for this.


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