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Since the New Year an old question has kept popping up every now and then, which is odd because we're fairly certain that we've answered the question many times before and have moved on. We also feel the answer is fairly obvious, but maybe it isn't as obvious as we thought it was. 

So, here's the question: Why do you persist with church?

Seemingly however, there are those that haven't heard our answer, so here it is again... We are utterly convinced that the local church, when sold out for Jesus, is the hope of the nations!

When all the social services, charities and others have moved out of the community because their funds have dried up, or they have moved on to trendier places which attract more attention & money, the local church will still be there doing what local churches do best; reaching out to the poorest, the weakest and the most vulnerable.

The local church doesn't need to undertake a needs assessment, nor does it need to report back to its donors. The local church doesn't need a five year plan or any of the other time & energy consuming stuff required by aid agencies or relief organisations. Why? Because the local church is local people living in the local community, and they are best equipped to identify the poorest, the weakest and the most vulnerable. The local church already has a relationship with the community that isn't driven by agendas of external agencies or government departments or the egos of charity workers. Best of all, the local church knows and understands the needs of its own community far better and more intimately than any external organization ever could.

In our experience, the local church is a thing of beauty that seeks nothing more than the glory God as it ministers to those that the world so happily turns its back on.

That is why we persist with church.


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