We are so thankful for life at The Gathering at present. 

As a church we've been praying for the spiritual growth of our members for a long time and we've seen these prayers answered spectacularly. Just this morning Errol shared a word rich in scripture, passion and practical application which greatly encouraged the membership. Seeing someone raised up in to leadership and ministry and then flying in these areas is a joy to watch.

Alongside this we have also been praying for numerical growth of The Gathering, and over the last few weeks we're starting to see encouraging signs of answers to this prayer, and this morning was no different.

It was great to see our newest members again but it was also a privilege to welcome two visitors. Alistair was brought along by his partner who recently joined us, the other guy was a late drop-in who was high. Despite this he sat and heard the Word and then we gave him some food to take away, and I love the fact that intentionally or not, he put himself in God's presence.

Alistair has been coming to our weekly Soup Kitchen for a while and we've always had a sense of knowing & recognizing him but couldn't quite place him. This morning after church he was talking with Paula and it came out that he is a grandson of Uncle Paul, a giant of the faith who we had known for many years, but who passed away in 2017.

What a joy to welcome Alistair in to The Gathering and what a joy to see Uncle Paul's years of prayers for his family being answered, and what an encouragement never to give up praying for our families and those who don't know Jesus yet.

It certainly adds some reality and urgency to 1 Thessalonians 5:17 when Paul wrote "pray continually".


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